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How to Cut Out an Image in Photoshop? ( Six Easy Steps )

by Susan Slater
Cut Out Image in Photoshop

Cut out an image in Photoshop is almost similar to cut out images from newspaper or magazines. One is digital methods and another is a manual process. However, Photoshop is a world-leading photo editing software.  By using Adobe Photoshop, you will get lots of useful tools to edit your photos. Here I am going to explain how to cut out an image in photoshop by using the clipping path. There are a set of background removal tools and you can remove your image background by using them. Here I will use the pen tool to create a clipping path around the product. 

Now question is, why I will use the pen tool? Ok, Every tool has its individual uses. It depends upon image complexity and its nature. You will see, some images are hairy an furry, some image edge are smooth, some image background is multi-colored and some images has lots of curve edge.  For the different complexity of the image, we have to apply different editing technique to cut out image backgrounds. For this tutorial, I am going to choose a very simple complexity of image for the batter to understand and the pen tool is the best to match for those type of images.

Here I am going to show you the few easy steps of how to cut out an image in photoshop. If you are new to Photoshop, No worry! You can take the challenge. Only one thing you have to keep in your mind ” Practice makes a man perfect”.

The techniques of the others tools, I will publish one by one in my blog regularly.

Video Tutorial For Clear Understanding

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Cut Out an Image in Photoshop By Manual Clipping Path (Easy Steps)

A clipping path is a popular method to cut out image background. To create a perfect clipping path, we will use Photoshop Pen Tool.  Here I will explain the process of using the pen tool to create a clipping path and how to cut the image background by using this. The wonderful thing about this, you can use this tool in full of your control. Let’s starts. 

STEP 1.  I will use Photoshop CC and regular complex photo ( royalty-free image) for this tutorial. First, you will need to open the photo in Adobe Photoshop CC (you can use older version too, no problem), In which one you wish to cut out the objects from the background. From the tools bar ( Please see the image below ) select the pen tool. You will see I marked it as a red circle. 

Pen tool to cut out image

STEP 2. After selecting the pen tool, try to draw a line by following the edge of the product. If you are new to photoshop, you will think it is difficult to draw, but believe me, it’s not so hard. Try once again and again. Follow the image below and the pen tool movement directions to draw a line by pen tool. After a few timed practice, you will see the magic of your expertise.  

One important things is, when its need to break the scale to change the path direction, that time you have to press Alt button to do this.

So, now you can draw the line by following the edge of the product ( Congratulations! ) and do it on the other area and joint the finish line with the starting point. That’s it. In the below image, you will get an idea how to do it.

Clipping path drawing process

STEP 3. Already you overcome The most complicated part of selection successfully. Now you have the outline all around the product and you are ready to can cut the image background by using this clipping path. Look like the below image.

Clipping Path on all around the product

STEP 4. Let’s see How to Cut Out an Image in Photoshop by using the clipping path. First, press and hold the Ctrl button. At the same time click on the path layer ( see in the red circle). After doing this process. You will see the result in the selection area like the image below.

Clipping Path Selection

STEP 5. Now, press the (Ctrl + Alt + D) at a time and you will see a box pop up to input the parameter of flatness. It is important for the smooth edge after cut the object. You can make it high and low depending on the image quality and your need. I will put here 0.5 px for this image. After that, click on the OK button. See the screenshot below:

Clipping Path Flatness

STEP 6. Now Press (Ctrl + J) to cut out the object from the background and will create a new layer with only the selected object without background. So, Now you can take another new layer under the object layer and In this layer, you can put any color or background as per your need. See the result below:  

Cut Out an Image in Photoshop By Manual Clipping Path

Final Words:

As we already discuss the multiple options of the image background removal techniques. The clipping path to create a selection around the object is a very popular technique in the photo industries. By this process, you can make your image background transparent. It will allow you to save the image in PSD, PNG or TIF with transparent background.

Thank you for being with us and checking out this tutorial. You are welcome to check our other useful content too. 

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