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by Susan Slater
Example: Inner Part of Clothes
Example: Full Clothes with Mannequin
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Ghost Mannequin Photoshop Editing Service

Fashion designers and product photographers are constantly on the lookout for new trends. Now, there's a new trend of ghost mannequin service in town, and it's guaranteed to give your business an air of mystery and sophistication. Our professional photo editing company "Clipping The Photos" offers this innovative ghost photo effect service for only $1.50! per photo.

Ghost mannequin photo editing services can help your business grow. Invisible mannequin technique can be a great technique for online clothing business owners to use to promote their brand. By showing customers how your product can look real, their confidence will be boosted. The More Customers See, The More Sales You Make! - Using a ghost photoshoot editing service. This service would be of great benefit to any online clothing business. Whether you are selling clothing, shoes, hats, bags or accessories, the ghost mannequin photo editing service can help you create some great looking promotional clothing photos.

Looking for great ghost mannequin photo editing services? Get the highest quality ghost mannequin photography for your business. The following are some examples of invisible ghost mannequin images that are edited by our professionals.

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Definition of Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Service otherwise known as 3D mannequin, invisible ghost mannequin, ghost clothing among others, is an essential photo editing service. Ghost mannequin photo editing services are a new trend that has been steadily gaining popularity. The concept is rather simple – it’s a way to create and edit clothing and product photos so they look as though they were on a real impression. How would you like to look at your clothing? How about looking at them in real life? With this service, you can create your clothing in a three-dimensional scale model of the human body, so that your clients or friends can see how your product or clothing might actually look.

The ghost mannequin will give your products depth, whether you need the whole mannequin cut or just a neck or joint necessary part of the product . The free floating effect that is achieved by the ghost mannequin, will look more appealing to the customers. As the images will have a more lifelike natural look to them, they can imagine themselves wearing the apparel you have displayed. With quality promised, allure more customers to your products using our services.

Types of Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Services We Provide

The main purpose of this ghost mannequin service is to get a three-dimensional view of garment products like jackets or shirts. Also, it provides a clear and detailed picture of the product. So what exactly is the purpose of ghost photo editing? The ghost photo editing acts as a 3D model so that you can show your customer how the shirt would look on the ghost mannequin. This way, you can get an idea about the fitting and decide whether to keep it or not.

There are lots of companies that offer ghost mannequin editing services. You can search for such companies online and read their ratings and reviews. If you choose a good company, it will help you get the best results. One of the best Neck Joint services providers is ClippingThePhotos and offers high-quality products at an affordable price. Below we are going to discuss our service categories of ghost mannequins.

Symmetrical Ghost Mannequin

To increase sales, most eCommerce clothing shop owners are very caring about their product showcasing. They don't like asymmetrical clothes in which one side is not the same as the other side. Currently, the symmetrical ghost mannequin technique is one of the popular trends. By this editing process, we can make the clothing product more presentable. Clothes are looking great on a model. But we can make them more alive. So, we can take a photo of the cloth by using a mannequin and change it into a symmetrical image to make it look like an individual three-dimensional scale model by using adobe photoshop.

However, the background of the product is different from the perspective of a real person. Clothes are worn by a human, but the structure of a mannequin is not that. In this process, an image can be transformed into a three-dimensional view. Many new technologies are being used to generate the effect, but that process is still in its infant stage. The conversion of an image into a three-dimensional model needs experience. This process requires skill and accuracy.

Clothing Neck Joint 

Neck Joint services are almost the same as the symmetrical ghost mannequin service. The only difference is that the neck joint service creates three-dimensional modeling objects to be photographed and it is not necessary to fix the cloth as symmetrical. For instance, you want to shoot a jacket and need a person wearing it for the picture. Neck joint service will create a three-dimensional model of this jacket. To do this, we will remove the model from the jacket and edit the neck area to create a natural feel. With this function, we can easily create a natural and realistic image. Our three-dimensional model service can create natural-looking dress or clothing photos. You just need to take the two different types of photos, one for a full shoot with a person or mannequin wearing it and another shoot of the clothes inside part of the neck area. We will take care of the rest.

Imagine if you are photographing a piece of clothing and would like to do some effects or edits to make it stand out in a three-dimensional scale model. You can do this by using the adobe photoshop neck joint technique of the clothing.

Bottom Part Joint

The bottom part joint of the clothing services is almost the same as the neck joint service. Some garments products have their bottom part bit along. In these cases, when we capture a photograph of this cloth a person or ghost mannequin wearing it. That time we lost the back view because of the model or mannequin. That time it is required to join manually by using photoshop techniques. We called it the bottom part of the joint service. Which took a long time for a new photoshop user and there will be many problems with it, because sometimes it doesn’t even look natural! It will be completely visible, so it breaks the immersion of the picture completely! We solved all these issues by our skilled and professional editors that do this process for you manually. Just create a picture, send it to us! And you are done!

Sleeve Part Joint

If you want to replace the sleeve view of a shirt or jacket, you can easily get this missing part in another close photo shoot of the part of this garment. You can also use it for covering the backside of the cloth if you want. For example, if you shoot a sweater from the front side but you need to show how the sleeve looks from behind, you can easily do this by placing the sweater on a mannequin and shooting the back view sleeve from the back. In this scenario, you will be using a double-sided mannequin that would come in handy. It is a dummy that allows you to use both sides of the fabric. You can just place the right side of the fabric on one side and the wrong side on the other, and then shoot from whichever side you need.

Who Needs Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing or Neck Joint Service?

Invisible mannequin technique can help your business grow. This service is for online shop owners who sell different types of clothing items, fashion designers, Product Photographer, Creative Studio or Ad Agency, Fashion Magazine etc.

Entrepreneurs who run eCommerce businesses use the Ghost Mannequin Service to attract more customers to their website and have more sales therefore. This will not only enhance their brand image but their high quality product images will enhance their brand reputation.

For Professional Photographers, not only will it save time but will also save them from losing newer projects. How you may ask; well, the time needed in post processing, will instead be used in other projects. Therefore, resulting in both a better reputation and time for more ambitious projects.

Creative Studios/ Ad agencies might want to enhance their projects by removing a mannequin off of a piece of clothing. An ad agency might advertise for a clothing line and want to make the customers visualize themselves in those pieces of apparel. Therefore, prompting them to use this service.

People who work with Fashion Magazines might want to use this to show off their clothing with no models and in a more lifelike manner. Therefore, saving them money and making the pictures even more appealing.

They might be presented on product boards to investors to make the clothing more aligned with professionalism, leading them to be invested into.

How to Capture Photography to Apply 3D Look Feel?

The idea for ghost photo effect can come in handy in many different situations such as trade shows, showcase your clothes on to the online store, when you’re updating your clothes, client presentation and when you’re in the process of photographing clothes.

Ghost mannequins work with any clothes, and they are extremely easy to set up. Now you can use a ready-made mannequin or create your own ghost mannequin. All you need is some simple material for the dress, good lighting, and a white background. Start by wrapping your dress on the material/mannequin. Next, fix the excess fabric so you have a nice clean smooth dress. You can also use a human model to do this as well. Finally, Make sure to carefully balance out your focus point with objects in the foreground and background. That’s it! You’re all done! As a photographer you know better from me, you must have a bust idea about the technique to shoot out any clothing product.

To edit them or remove mannequin from the dresses, you have to arrange another shot for the same dress. It is not a big deal, just capture another shot of the inner part, only the area of the neck part and the bottom part. Those extra photos will help to replace or remove the mannequin area accurately.

Why Are We The Best Fit on Ghost Mannequin Service?

We are at Clipping The Photos (CTP) and have so much expertise and we can tackle any ghost mannequin photo editing project you can throw at us. A big part of our business is to provide 100% customer satisfaction, which means doing the job well the first time. That's why we offer free revisions on all our work.

You can be sure that you're getting the best quality at a fair price. If you're not satisfied with your photo editing, we'll refund every penny (or make the changes you want for free). We like to keep our prices low and our standards high. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on ghost mannequin removal; we can do it for a fraction of the cost.

We are aware that your time is valuable, so we are working hard to deliver the desired results in the shortest possible time. We look forward to the chance to be of service and to work with you, and we guarantee that we will do our best to exceed your expectations. We believe in honesty and integrity in everything we do and we strive to provide you with service beyond all others. We look forward to working with you..

Our Working process

Ghost Mannequin is a technical work process. The quality of the final outcome depends on the expertise of an artist. So, we have to assign experienced and self thinker artists for that type of editing process and that is the reason it is a bit costly compared to the others.

The turnaround time to processing photos is dependent on the project size and the image difficulty. After reviewing all of your photos, we can provide you with the estimated turnaround time to deliver your full project. We highly recommend shooting in JPG format with the fine setting at the highest resolution available.

Only the finest photos will suffice for our high standards. If the photos do not meet your expectations, we will continue to edit until it does.

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