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by Susan Slater
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Photoshop Color Replacement Service, What Is It?

With photoshop, we can replace or change colors in a picture to drastically improve the quality or remove unwanted shadows without having to retake it.

Our photoshop color replacement service allows you to color in shadows to improve the picture look and aesthetics. We do it using the color replacement tool in Photoshop, which facilitates color adjustment in a picture.

Moreover, our team of experts is also able to adjust color levels which are essential for certain types of photos. Although the primary use of this service is to color in shadows and improve the look of your picture, it can be put to a wide variety of use.

So, when we are going to change the background color or cut out an image in Photoshop, the clipping path is very necessary for accuracy. Below we are trying to present of our work examples before and after view to get an idea about our work quality.

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Types of Photo Color Replacement Services We Provide

There are many different types of photos, such as product photos, portraits, wedding photos, etc. All these photos have different needs and criteria, and hence the approach to editing them is different.

As a result, we offer different types of photo color replacement services based on the type of photo to be edited and the requirements in question. Here we’ll cover the types of photo color replacement services we provide and what is needed in each of these services.

1. Product Photography Color Correction

If you are a salesman and advertising your product, you must ensure that the photo of the product matches the real-life product, or else there will be complaints. Often color correction is required to adjust the color levels in a product to give it a more realistic look.

How much color correction is needed usually depends on the initial photo taken of the item. For objects like toys, sometimes poor lighting can distort the colors. With Photoshop, we can select a color and easily adjust all instances of it on the image-making for a smooth change. That way you can remain ensured that the customer will be pleased and there will be no complaints regarding the product image.

2. Change Skin Color in Photoshop

For photos, we can change skin color in Photoshop. Usually, if an inexperienced person tries to do this, it can result in an odd contrast and the photo looking bad as a result. However, our experienced team members isolate the skin using the lasso tool and adjust it separately.

If you want to remove blotches in the skin, we can use the selective color function for an adjustment layer. We use the layer to make necessary adjustments in conjunction with a color slider.

3. Change Clothes Color in Photoshop

Similar to product photography color adjustment, we can adjust the colors in clothes to either change it or tidy them up. We are able to manipulate a piece of clothing to look better in your photos or adjust the color levels so that your customers have a better idea of what they are buying when they preview photos.

The layer sampling and preview function in Photoshop makes this task quite easy. Our team employs the use of a color range function to appropriately adjust the hues.

4. Jewelry Color Correction

When a picture of a piece of jewelry for display is taken, color correction is necessary to make sure it looks more realistic. And we can do that for you. We can also visually improve the look of a piece of jewelry or fix illumination issues when taking the initial photo.

For certain materials or jewels, adjusting the color balance is essential to make it look attractive in photos.

Who Needs Color Adjustment Services?

Almost anyone and everyone. Salesmen might use our services to paint a vibrant and good picture of their products to make them seem attractive to potential buyers. People can also use our services for basic editing and make their photos look better. Some simple color adjustments can make a particular photo look much more pleasing to the eye.

In the clothing industry and advertising, many will take our help to properly fix and adjust the color of their photos. This ensures that customers get a proper look into the product and ensure they are buying the right one.

Benefits of Color Adjustment Services

Due to how essential color is for photography or in images, the benefits of color adjustment services are manifolds. Here we will list some of the primary benefits of this tool and explain how they are useful:

1. Saturation Adjustment

Saturation in colors refers to the intensity of color in a picture. Sometimes high saturation in a photo can be undesirable and make the photo look terrible and even unrealistic. We can adjust the saturation of different colors allowing you to get a proper balance.

Similarly, a lack of intensity of a color can also be undesirable. In this case, we can increase the saturation to create better contrasts.

2. Color Manipulation

We’re able to manipulate and decide which colors are shown in a picture. Most people make use of this in personal photos to make them more dramatic. We can turn a colored photo into a black and white photo if you prefer that.

3. Adjusting Highlights

During a photoshoot, some parts of the photo can have high illumination, which can result in a loss of details. Our color replacement service allows you to adjust the highlights and prevents the picture from being corrupted by high illumination.

Final Word

As you can see, our photoshop color replacement is a very helpful and effective service and can certainly help to grow your business. Whether you’re a photographer or business owner, you can definitely do better with our help.

So, if you ever need photoshop color replacement service, our team of experts got you covered. Contact us for a quote.

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