Photoshop cut out image and Clipping path service provider best on cut out image background by using Adobe photoshop. Clipping path and Photoshop image editing is our core service. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee unless you are satisfied. Starting Price @ USD $0.39 / Photo.

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Our Hot Selling Services | Photoshop Cut Out Image

Clipping The Photos (CTP Team) offers all kinds of photo editing solutions as a one-stop service provider. We are specially experienced in online shop product (eCommerce) photo editing service. We know very well how to cut out an image in photoshop and how much it is important for accuracy for the web-shop product photo presentation. Here we (CTP Team) are providing a complete solution of photo editing service for the eCommerce business.

Inside this, we have individual service on demand. Like – Clipping path, Cut out image in photoshop, Change background color in photoshop, the shadow effect, Ghost Mannequin, Photoshop color replacement, Hair masking in photoshop, Resize an image in photoshop, Beauty retouching and Basic photo retouching (like - imperfections fixup, scratches, dust retouching, Blemishes, wrinkle and eye bag removal, double chin removal from a model, etc.)

Cut Out Image in Photoshop

Photoshop Shadow Effect

Ghost Mannequin Service

Photoshop Hair Masking

Photoshop Color Replacement

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We know the value of your time and money. Our focus is always on ensuring quality and faster service. Also, our service prices are budget-friendly for sure. We recommend you try our service once. We are very confident, you will never be a disappointment.

Clipping The Photos (CTP) is a well-known image editing service provider. We operate our production support form Bangladesh with dedicated and highly skilled Photoshop DTP Professionals. We work 24/6 in the three working shift modules to provide you with a high-quality image editing service. We keep our weekend on Sunday.

Now, you may ask that all we said in the above is the same things all other companies provide. Where is the difference between ours and them? There is nothing special between each other. But the minor difference is TRUST! To be honest, what we said we provided. We don't know business, but we know the work. This is the company (Clipping The Photos) established by our clients, not by the investment. (To know details about our journey we recommend you to visit our about us page.)

As you can see, we are a proven and real experienced team who provided a lot of projects with a large number of happy clients, before starting this company. Till now we are serving them with consistent quality work as before.


01/ Professional Service

CTP Team know how to edit images for professional use. We have decades of experience on it. Every single image has been checked by our quality control team, before delivery of the final images.

02/ Team Of Photoshop Experts

We have a dedicated DTP team, who are specially skilled on to provide world class photo editing service.

03/ Quality & Time Priority

It is our believe that, good quality service brings good business. The priority of our service is ensuring the quality and best possible turnaround time.

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Pricing Idea

It is difficult to measure the actual price for an image, because of the different image complexity. Here we try to give an idea. This is our starting price for the basic complexity. To know the realistic price quote for your project, we request you to send us some similar complexity samples or all the images (if possible) for our review. After reviewing the images, someone (from our team) will get back to you with the average price per image and the details. Then you can take further action depending on your budget and our proposal.

Clipping Path / Cut out image
Service Price Start From
$0.39Per Image!
Photoshop Shadow Effect
Service Price Start From
$0.75Per Image!
Ghost Mannequin Service
Service Price Start From
$1.20Per Image!
Photoshop Hair Masking
Service Price Start From
$1.35Per Image!
Photo Color Replacement
Service Price Start From
$0.90Per Color / Image!
Photo Retouching Services
Service Price Start From
$1.00Per Image!

Difference Between - Clipping Path | Deep Etching | Cut Out Image

Those three terms are actually synonyms of photo background removal service and the accurate selection-making process around every single element of photos. Different users have identified these photoshop techniques in different names depending on their needs. The Clipping path, Deep Etching, and Photo cut out slightly differ. Although they have common uses to remove the background from an image.

A clipping path is a vector line that is very important to create an accurate selection to edit an image. In Adobe Photoshop, there are different types of selection tools. The most popular tool to create a perfect selection is a pen tool. By using a pen tool we can create an exact shape outline manually to create perfect selection.

Now let's say if you want to change a specific color on your photos, that time we will draw a clipping path separately for each color or element you need. It will help you to create an accurate selection in photoshop to edit color or you can apply other editing processes by using this clipping path.

Clipping Path Sample-2
Clipping Path
Clipping Path Sample-1
Clipping Path for Specific Object
Selection by Using Clipping Path

Deep etching is one of the popular techniques in Adobe Photoshop. The word “Deep Etching” is another name for a clipping path. Specifically, it is applicable when we need something cut out from the image background by using Adobe Photoshop and placing the cuted object on another surface. That time we may call it a deep etching service. Most likely used it to specify the needs.

Photoshop cut out image is another term of photo background replacement service. As I said before, those three techniques are almost identical. Naturally, we apply this editing process to change the image background. It can be white or any other color. This type of editing service mostly applies to eCommerce product photos.

Cut out image-1
Cut Out Image / Deep Etching
Cut out image-2
Remove Image Background
Background Removal-1
White Background Replacement

After an in-depth discussion, you may identify the difference between clipping path, deep etching and the Photoshop cut out imaging service. If there is still any confusion, do not hesitate to write a line by using our contact form.

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