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Let us Cut Out Image in Photoshop Professionally​

You are an eCommerce web shop owner, Photographer or a designer, everyone needs this service to make their content eye-catching and crispy. By applying photoshop cut out image technique, will make your photos amazingly fresh and more attractive.

Nowadays, online shopping is a popular way to buy and sell necessary products. Today’s consumers are getting smarter day by day and demanding higher-quality experiences. When it comes to product presentations on the web-shop to sell, It is very important to keep the product natural and realistic. Sometimes we need to change the image background to make sure the product image is visible and clear. We can cut out images in Photoshop very accurately and put them on a pure white background to make the image more professional. You can also put different color backgrounds as per demand of your brand.

Photoshop cut out image service is our core service and we have the great skill to do it very easily by using the Photoshop pen tool. When we are going to cut out the image background we need to create an accurate outline around the product. Creating an outline in Photoshop is known as the clipping path or deep etching. There are lots of alternatives to clipping paths. As an example, we can say about Photoshop magic wand tool, Background eraser tool, Masking technique etc. But those techniques have individual uses.

So, when we are going to change the background color or cut out an image in Photoshop, the clipping path is very necessary for accuracy. Below we are trying to present some of our work examples to get an idea about our work quality.

Our Work in Action - Photoshop​ Cut Out Image ​


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Background Removal Service Photo

What is a Clipping Path and Photo Cut Out Service?​

A clipping path is the outline of an object, which is used to cut out the object from an image. Clipping paths are also used to isolate image elements for some graphic design purposes. These techniques are the best way to remove backgrounds. A skilled team of professionals can provide high-quality service in a short amount of time. There are different types of synonyms of the clipping path. It is known as image clipping path, deep etching, photo cut-out, closed vector path, image background removal etc. At ClippingThePhotos.Com, we provide a high-quality hand-drawn clipping path to change image background color in Photoshop. This service is known as a photo cut out service as well.

Photoshop is an app that provides different tools for different types of tasks. One of the tools is called the clipping path tool. This photoshop clipping path tool can make images extraordinarily look. Clipping path is a tool that is widely used by every professional, especially when it comes to removing backgrounds and for accurate selection.

The Clipping path is especially helpful in creating white backgrounds for selling products online. It can also help you to design a booklet, magazine page with your product or object. In addition, you can add different backgrounds to create a scene for your photo.

Levels of Difficulty to Cut Out an Image and Pricing Idea​

To cut out an image in Photoshop usually takes time because the cutout image in photoshop is a manual work process. It depends on image size, inside holes, the edge of an image with curve area and other complexity.  As you know the clipping path is the only actual process to create an outline to cut out an image background and the clipping path or deep etching is a manual work process. Sometimes we can do it in a short time and sometimes we have to pay attention to detail. So it is very important to make sure a realistic price for any project based on image complexity. This is the reason we categorize the images by the levels of clipping path complexity. 

This is not rocket science to calculate the complexity. It simply depends upon images difficulty. We review the images manually and try to guess the estimated time to edit and then we create a proposal in two methods.  One is average pricing and the other is per image pricing.  

Here we are trying to describe the complexity levels of the cutout image in the Photoshop service. Including some similar samples of the complexity. It will help you to get an idea from there about the categories of image complexity.

Basic Complexity​

Basic Complexity Photo Sample
Basic Complex Images Idea

A basic or regular image like a water pot, wine bottles, books, ball, photo frame, smartphone, phone cover, mug, cap, etc. is categorized as basic complexity. For similar types of images, the edges are smooth not like zig-zag lines or curves. The basic clipping path is as the word goes, it is the easiest and will cost less of all the services available. Using basic clipping path services, you can cut objects with very few curves.

We always request our client to send us a few similar images for our review before placing the order. It helps us to create the best proposal for any order.

Moderate Complexity​

Moderate Complexity Photo Sample
Moderate Complex Images Idea

This clipping path service is slightly more convoluted than the basic service. So, it usually proves to be a bit more costly than the basic service. Moderate clipping paths can remove objects that have more edges and curves than those of basic clipping paths from their background and also work for objects that have a bit of interior work done to them.

Just for an idea, a simple image like a car, baby toy, sunglasses, watch, earring, nose pin, and more like the similar. The Moderate clipping path service also can be used on vehicles, furniture, or jewelry, etc.

If you are confused about how to calculate the price for your project, just send us those photos for our review. After review we will send you an offer for your project. 

Medium Complexity​

Medium Complexity Photo Sample
Medium Complex Images Idea

Sometimes we can see the complicated part of edges on the product. The medium clipping path is the service that focuses on objects with complicated edges. This clipping path service gets quite tangled at times when various paths are created then combined together to get a simple image. Obviously, it will be harder than the simple clipping path task. These types of clipping paths are more costly than the other basic, and moderate product clipping paths. 

You have no need to worry about our pricing; we don't charge ridiculously high prices. The process of pricing depends on several factors. Image difficulty, amount of time, skill, etc.

Complex Complexity​

Complex Photo Sample
Complex Images Idea

The complex clipping path is the service that focuses on objects with complicated edges. This clipping path service gets quite tangled at times when various paths are created then combined together to get a simple image. These types of clipping paths are more costly than the other basic, moderate, and medium complexity product clipping paths. Because of this it will take much longer to create clipping paths around every single section. 

This clipping path is usually used to remove the backgrounds of several products at once. For example –  any product with fur and hair, Flower bucket, Net with the product, group of product or model photos, etc.

Super Complex ​

Super Complex Photo Sample
Super Complex Images Idea

It is applied to products with very complicated edges, products that need a lot of interior work done. Along with that, possibly it needs a lot of different ranges of transparency and opacity. The super complex clipping path services are for tough product images that need multiple clipping paths on complicated services. 

This service is needed with image masking, in order to achieve the best results. For instance, complicated trees, spreading sugar or spreading beans, jewelry chain, cycle, and a grouping of furry objects are subjects that need super complex clipping path services.

Although this photoshop clipping path service costs the most out of everyone.

Multiple Clipping / Color Path​

Multi Clipping Path Photo Sample
Multi Clipping / Color Path Images Idea

The color path or multiple color path is actually necessary to change the color of an image or product. It can be a single color or multi-color.  When we need to change the color of clothes or need to correct the shadow as well, Then it’s required to create an individual clipping path for every single color or every element.  It has a special technique to create an accurate clipping path to change the color. 

The multiple / color path process is also a complex process and it is a time taking job too.  

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Who Needs Clipping Path or Cut Out Image Services?​

People who run eCommerce businesses, might want their products to look pristine and pop, in turn using the clipping path services to remove the backgrounds and/or correcting color of some areas. Professional Photographers who need a background with zero to no clutter may use this service. Maybe to save more time in post production and focusing on other projects. This service is one of the best for time management.

Fashion Houses may use this service to cut the background of some of their images. Along with that, save time and money on making editors by making different shades of the same product. Real Estate Companies can use this service to remove an object from their image, in order to make the property more attractive. This will increase the probability of the house being sold, when immaculate things are cut using the clipping path tool.

Magazines and newspapers might use the clipping path service to make their models, clothing lines more attractive, by removing clutter from the backgrounds. It is quite similar to how photographers use it, but here their customers will be directly contacting you. Creative Studio or Ad Agencies can use the clipping path services to further better their advertisement/project that they are working on. By simply readjusting the color and removing background, any project can be made better.

When to Use Clipping Path​

When you need to remove backgrounds. This will allow you to show the product in a more appealing fashion. When you need to hide the background of your image without removing it. The clipping path tool helps you select a specific part of an image and change anything accordingly. Using multi-clipping paths helps if you need color correction.

When Not to Use

If your subject has a fuzzy textured surface, it is better to use image masking surface instead. If your subject is transparent all around, it is better not to use a clipping path on it. Sometimes we need only background transparency, that time it is not important to create a clipping path, we can apply simply image masking technique. It will be faster than the clipping path creation. 

Why you Should Choose Us for the Cut Out Image Service?​

Years of experience follows us thoroughly as we pride ourselves on giving the required products with precision and delicate details. Our team of professionals is working around the clock to deliver the best of what we have to offer. As all of our workers are skilled. Our team will provide our clients with their desired product in a short amount of time! Other than that you can rest assured that your products will be presented to you with the highest quality possible. Our Clipping path techniques will leave you satisfied with the end image and create an everlasting impression on your customers.

There are many purposes for the clipping path in the hands of a designer. It's no surprise that Clipping Path techniques are important to get the desired results. We know the value of your time. You will get every single image with a properly placed clipping path and it will reduce your stress to fix by yourself.

Our Working process​

We will provide quality results and at the same time, we deliver on time. Benefits of Our Clipping Path Service, We can easily adapt to your workflow. You can tell us the size and output requirements. We will also tell you how long it will take us to complete. We can provide unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied with our work. We can provide a draft version as a sample before you approve the final job. We will also offer a privacy policy to protect your identity. This is possible because we have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

We at Clipping The Photos (CTP) Service provide the very best quality for all your clipping path and photoshop cut out image service needs. Our dedicated team of professionals can handle both simple and complex projects with ease.

The working process in our system is simple. We will receive orders from you, will provide a schedule, inform you of the turnaround time, we will set a parameter to process the photos depending on the estimation and the project will be delivered within the deadline. As simple as that.

Save Your Time And Money!!

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