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Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

by Susan Slater

Wedding Photography seems to be one of the industries that were revolutionized the most by the advent of digital technology. While weddings were traditionally a very manual process where the photographer had to hand-develop each picture, and not even come with their own camera, nowadays wedding photos are usually taken with DSLR cameras and photographers need a special certification to do so. Today we’re going to disclose some wedding photography tips for beginners – get ready to be a professional photographer! See how.

As you know, weddings are an most exciting and important part of anyone’s life, it is not only the marriage of the two individuals, but the getting together of two families, uniting as one on a promise of always being there for one another. The day itself is something an individual grows up dreaming about every day. How the day will be, how everything will be decorated, how their partner will look all dolled up and how the photographs will come out, to keep a note of that day etched into forms of media on our digital devices to withhold all the memories from that fateful day.

Making it a toughening task to click the best of pictures from dawn to dusk. It’s the uniqueness of those pictures that make it look wondrous on the walls of the married couple, that would make any guest come and visualize how beautiful the wedding must have been in their heads. Whether it be a Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or a Christian wedding, the goal is to make the photo collection to be as beautiful as you can.

To make that possible, the photographer needs some creative ideas and tricks. Therefore, making it the couple’s priority to hire professional photographers to make those pictures come out to be flawless. Hence, photographers aspiring to be professional, or professionals of the occupation might need a few tips to spice up their skills. Here are some of the best from us, to make any wedding so memorable to the point that looking at the photos makes it seem like it was only yesterday.

Visualize the shots before start wedding photography

The sole priority of a wedding photoshoot is to photograph every moment of the bride and groom/brides/grooms whether they are laughing, looking at each other with love or looking away due to them blushing. Therefore, making it the photographer’s sole objective being to capture every essence of the wedding; hence always keeping the camera in a suitable setting and always on a shooting mode.

If the wedding is indoors then set your camera to aperture-priority so you can select a medium aperture of f/5 and turn the mode dial to A/Av and set the ISO to 1600 to click the perfect portraits of the couple. Beware to click every expression, every significant detail so that the couples are satisfied with their candid pictures which you have to take without them seeing, which would make all those moments even more precious. From exchanging vows to the ring wearing ceremony, every detail needs to be captured with that extra sense of creativity, to really feel their emotions from the pictures.

To be alert, or not to be

To be alert, would be less of an advise and more of a necessity for the shoot. Mentally and physically prepare yourself for the shoot is required for the ability to be able to capture every memory that is being made on that day. The camera being your best friend in the process, needs to be juiced up with energy and you have to be prepared for any technical difficulties with it. Carry extra batteries, consume a lot of caffeine through coffee and get ready to click once in a lifetime memories of two people conjoining their hands in marriage. This will only ensure you success in clicking the most beautiful pictures imaginable for the couple.

Lighting makes or breaks a picture

Imagine a picture well-lined up but the lighting looks atrocious. That’s why take into consideration where you are shooting, so that you can be prepared for the scenario. If the wedding is being held indoors, use settings according to that, otherwise use settings that would benefit an outdoor wedding. Using harsh lighting would damage the pictures and ruin the immersion of the ceremonies. When outdoors, take into consideration whether the natural lighting would be sufficient or would you need external lighting to make the colors pop in the image.

Code name: Passion

Make sure not only to capture the couples pictures alone, but also their pictures with their esteemed guests, whether it be family or friends. Be sure to capture every moment of happy soberness from the two families, the delights of the friends seeing their high school buddies fall in love and come to the point of marriage. If these pictures are not captured with quick precision and skills, the beauty of those moments will not come to show in the photos. Set your camera to a suitable setting to achieve the best results according to how the place is decorated, where the venue is and how much external light will be required. So make sure to capture every picture with passion and love, to give the clients the best sets of pictures of the most special day of their lives in an alluring fashion.

Love; something to always remember

The growing romance and intimacy between the bride and groom is a spectacle to capture accurately once they are in the front center of it all. Leaving the old traditional way of clicking pictures behind, click them with such creativity that even looking at them 20 years later, their love can be remembered through those pictures alone. Using certain camera angles and different techniques to favor the whole view of the wedding around the couple is something to be captured. Therefore, pour all your energy into creating the best collection of wedding pictures available.

Rituals and Ceremonies

The fun part about weddings are always the customs and traditions of different cultures. So capture those moments with accurate representations of the joy that is running through the year. Along with capturing the bride and groom falling in love with each other. Try to capture every shred of happiness coming from the guests of the program. Various enjoyable traditions of the bride’s dance and the emotion invested amongst the dad and daughter. Is meant to be captured through and through.

The throwing of the bouquet and how every face in the crowd lights; up as the bouquet flies up in the air. Is a moment that is one for the ages and demands to be shot with professionalism. As the music on the dance floor; as the whole guest list goes wild from the old grandmothers to the young kids. Those the moments that need to be cherished for life. There are so many little moments in weddings that make it so memorable. It is important to be kept in remembrance in an album for the generations to come, to see and cherish. So the hundreds of your moments depend on the photographer. To capture all the joyful, romantic, ecstatic pictures that allow those memories to be expressed.

The Main Event

After all the memories made on that fateful day, one of the most important things is yet to be clicked; the departure. This is the glue at the end of the album that holds it together. As tiredness runs through your body, as the day is almost over, it is not over yet. Focus mostly on the couple and their expressions as they exit the venue in their posh outfits. Adjust your camera accordingly to the time of day; the amount of people at the departure. As you would also need to capture the expressions of their families and friends. As they cry with joy or jump with joy; so that those emotions are forever engraved in the photographs that you took.

As the Day Ends; Wrap up

As the Wedding closes in, the photographer needs to keep in mind that. Every picture clicked here is an important part of anyone’s lives. We can safely say that following these steps will not only make your pictures beautiful. But make the newlywed couple’s living room a blessing to be in. Surrounded by all the beautiful memories that you helped make. That sense of accomplishment is what a photographer thrives for. And for as long as you’re inspired and passionate about the photoshoot along with you following these steps.

Nothing can stop you from clicking the most alluring pictures that the couple will forever remember. Whether it be a Muslim wedding, where the bride and groom are dressed in middle eastern clothing to Hindu weddings. Where the bride and groom are surrounded by family and friends outdoors or be it. A Christian wedding where the couple would be dolled up in western suits and long gown dresses. The shoot is bound to be a success if you take some of these tips to keep in mind.

Finalizing the Photos by Minor Fixing

Wedding photos are typically cherished, so it’s essential to get them right. As much time and money was put into capturing that perfect moment in time. It might be even more difficult when it’s being altered. But it is necessary to get them ready with maximum perfection. To do this you can use adobe photoshop to fix the unwanted things that was captured unconscious mind. To fix the lighting balance Adobe Lightroom is my recommendation. The next step is to convert the pictures into HD format. I recommend using Adobe Photoshop to cut out images backgrounds and resize pictures or other editing. To manage the pictures you can use Adobe Bridge and Adobe Elements Photo Edit.

People want to make sure their wedding photos look amazing! For this reason, many people use Adobe Lightroom to balance the photo. Adobe Elements Photo Edit to make any necessary fixes. However, sometimes Photoshop is needed to really make the picture perfect.

Final Words

One of the best things you can do to improve your photography skills is to hire a professional photographer. They can give you ideas and tricks that will make your pictures look amazing. We tried our best to explain and discuss about wedding photography tips for beginners to encourage be a good photographer. Now you’re equipped with the basics of photography. And you have a better understanding of what you need to take great pictures. Apply the tips and tricks to your photography and you’ll be amazed at how much better your pictures look.

When it comes to wedding photography, capturing every moment is the sole objective and sole priority. Whether it’s the bride and groom getting ready for the big day. The ceremony itself or the celebrations afterwards, pictures are essential to capture. The memories of the happiest day of your life. We know that you have a lot of different choices when it comes to wedding photography. You can offer a unique set of skills, varied experience. A collection of photos that are stylish, imaginative and highly professional.

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