High Quality Photo Editing Services​

When you need a stunning photographic presentation, you can achieve the best results with our professional high quality photo editing services. We are here to make your challenge successful! Our services include a diverse array of expert techniques, such as clipping path, retouching, restoration, ghost editing, color correction, and manipulating images, etc. With our experience and dedication, we are able to offer you outstanding results for whatever project you have in mind.

The most challenging photo projects require the most attention to detail. When your photos are for professional use, they usually need the job done right. Here we tried to present overall idea about our services.

We have FREE TRIAL opportunity. You can try us totally free of cost (Up to 5 Images) to judge our service and work quality before assign us for your full project.

Clipping Path / Cut out image

Clipping path is a photo cut out technique. To cut out image in photoshop, we will use photoshop pen tool to create clipping path around the product. By using this path or outline, we can make selection to remove background. It is very important to make perfect selection when its require any photo editing.

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin effect is a popular way to make clothing product presentable. To grow business, it is very important to make the every product realistic and natural. It is a combination of multiple photographs. Specially, to remove the model or mannequin and combine the missing parts. It will create 3D feel of view.

Photoshop Color Replacement

In some cases, it would difficult to take photograph for same design but different colors. The easy solution is to apply photoshop color replacement technique. It will save time and money as well. We are expert to replace the color on any design, pattern or clothes from any color source ( it can be pantone color or source color).

Photoshop Shadow Effect

When a photographer capture a photo, some times the shadow not appear in the right way because of the light multi lighting source. That time we have to recreate the shadow as the natural look impression. It is very important to professional use. Mostly it will create extra impression for eCommerce product photos.

Photoshop Hair Masking

Photoshop hair masking is a interesting technique to remove the tricky background by keeping the maximum hair or far as well. The background eraser tool makes it easier to get the expected result. Perfection is very necessary when its for professional use. Alpha channel masking and layer masking is most popular.

Photography Retouching

Photography retouching is a amazing technique to altering an image to get the fresh and crisp photo for the presentation. To showcase an image, need to retouch unwanted object, dust, screeches etc. Sometimes we need to retouch skin, clothes, car, image background to make them clean and crisp.

Frequently Asked Questions by Our Clients​

We accept any file format whether it is JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, or EPS.  We also accept RAW file format and we will convert them before start work. 

Yes, you can include the image size ratio in the instruction email to resize them accordingly. 

We are use to working with large file size for a single image. You can transfer any amount of images as per your need. 

There is no limit of maximum and minimum. We accept orders even a single image. 

We recommend different types of protocols to transfer photos to us. You can send us your images by using FTP, Wetransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other secure platform as per your flexibility.  

Yes, you can share your photos by using your own FTP. All of your resources are secure with us. 

Our regular turnaround time is 24 hours. Before start working on your photos, we will confirm the estimated turnaround time depending on image complexity and the number of photos. 

We are confident that you will get the best possible quality of editing. By any chance, if you are not happy with the quality, we will try our best to make full fill all of your requirements. Unless we will back your full amount or we will not charge for those photos. 

Yes, we are willing to agree to sign on NDA if you want. Although, without agreement all of your data are secure with us. 

We accept payment via PayPal. You can also send us the service payment direct to our Bank Account. 

Yes, you can. We accept payment in three modules. One is instant payment for the new client. For our regular client, we are flexible to receive the pay weekly or monthly basis. 

We said before, all of your data is secure with us. With your permission, we never use your data any commercial or non-commercial purposes. 

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